Suspended, 2015

Suspended investigates the ways in which play, dissatisfaction, anticipation and failure can be explored through performance. 

The viewer will encounter inaudible every day sounds, a cluster of screens and loose cords in a darkened room. Four different sized screens display repetitive moments, a single figure caught between interior/exterior space. Resolution is anticipated but never delivered. Hyper aware of their personal space the viewer treads carefully around the cords and precariously placed screens, unable to find a comfortable or clear position of viewing.  The screens intermittently go blank, directing the viewer's awareness between the work and themselves. 

All videos are filmed in domestic spaces, articulating trapped, bored or depressed feelings, resulting in attempts to escape or retrieve something. This is mirrored in the activity of the viewer as they attempt to navigate the work.

The viewer must enter and awkwardly navigate the installation to view the work, playing out a kind of performance where their need to achieve ideal viewing is never met. A combination of waiting in anticipation and the attempt and failure to view the work uninhibited will result in a variation of dissatisfaction and/or pleasure.